Solutions and visions

Our goal is to deliver the most sustainable water treatment plants of our time

Water is Future.

The responsible handling of water is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Water is a precious and vital resource. Water treatment is essential to sustaining any human activity and requires a high degree of technical knowledge. People are becoming increasingly aware of environmental standards, energy efficiency as well as resource recovery methods in water treatment – new processes go far beyond the mere task of water treatment and purification. Municipalities, which provide water treatment services to the public, have to treat waste water as a resource.

We as ELIQUO want to play a major role in developing and implementing new solutions and the most effective construction of plants for municipal water treatment. By doing so, we want to be the preferred and long-term partner of our municipal clients in Europe. With the long-standing and extensive experience of our employees, we are constantly working on delivering best-in-class results for our clients.

The world is a diverse place just like the local requirements for the treatment of water and waste water. In addition to cultural factors, geography and the degree of urbanisation, many other aspects also play an important role when selecting and implementing solutions in the water market. We face these challenges on a daily basis in our local markets and we are constantly improving our approach to deliver the most adequate solution to our clients.

We seek to be an employer our employees are proud to work for. Our success is based on the commitment and expertise of our employees as well as our values. All our companies have a history as family owned businesses that are run by people with a vision and have employees with outstanding craftsmanship and diligence as well as a regional provenance. This strong base of highly motivated employees is the core of our future success.

Future needs Heritage.