Hydrok (UK) becomes part of ELIQUO WATER GROUP

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Bad Homburg, October 21, 2016 –  ELIQUO WATER GROUP GmbH  and Hydrok (UK) Limited today announced that they have signed an agreement for Hydrok  to become a 100% subsidiary of ELIQUO WATER GROUP. The acquisition of Hydrok by ELIQUO will give Hydrok access to the technology portfolio of ELIQUO and allow ELIQUO to establish a presence in the UK municipal water and wastewater technology market. Following completion of the transaction, Hydrok will be renamed ELIQUO HYDROK.

Hydrok and ELIQUO have already been collaborating on a project by project basis to bring ELIQUO’s proprietary biosolids and nutrient management technologies such as LYSOTHERM® thermal hydrolysis technology, EloPhos® P recovery solution and ELODRY® low-temperature drying equipment to the UK market. These products will be a good addition to Hydrok’s strong technology portfolio that includes solutions for water management, waste water treatment, clean water treatment and surface water management with technologies such as CSO Screens, flow controls, Mecana tertiary filtration, Aerostrip high-efficiency aeration technology, IFAS Fixed Bed Media, MBR Bio Reactors and UV disinfection to mention just a few.

Dr. Reinhard Hübner, CEO of ELIQUO WATER GROUP: „While we have been active in business development in the UK for quite a while, so far we have lacked a local presence in this important market. With the acquisition of Hydrok, we can provide a superior service to those customers that are interested in our biosolids and nutrient management solutions and our proprietary technologies. Hydrok will of course continue to operate its current business and can now also leverage the wider ELIQUO network to bring the best solutions available to its customers. We look forward to growing the business in the UK together with the excellent team at Hydrok who will all continue to work for the company.”

Dave Armstrong, CEO of Hydrok: „We are delighted to now be within the ELIQUO group of companies and look forward to the expansion of the portfolio of solutions we are able to offer our UK customers. This new chapter in the history of our business shall bring growth and expansion enabling our business to attract larger and more complex projects with the strong financial support from within the group. Hydrok have always approached business with strong values and ethics which are reflected within ELIQUO making this a perfect match for our future “


ELIQUO WATER GROUP GmbH is a municipal water and wastewater treatment technology and EPC company. It is headquartered in Germany, where its subsidiary ELIQUO STULZ serves municipal water and wastewater utilities in Germany, Luxemburg and Switzerland. In addition, its subsidiary ELIQUO WATER & ENERGY B.V. is active internationally as a solution provider for innovative concepts in waste water treatment.

ELIQUO WATER GROUP GmbH is part of the water portfolio of German entrepreneur Susanne Klatten’s investment company SKion Water GmbH.
In the water sector, SKion is a shareholder of EnviroChemie GmbH (industrial water and waste water solution provider), Ovivo Inc. (water solutions for municipal customers in North America and industrial customers in the electronics and energy sectors), Paques B.V. (anaerobic industrial waste water treatment and biological gas desulphurization), Miranda A.S. (decentral, energy-efficient waste water treatment solutions, Microvi Inc. (advanced biological treatment technologies), MattenPlant (system integrator for Ultrafiltration, Reverse Osmosis, Ion-exchange, wastewater and air purification applications headquartered in Singapore) and Evodos B.V. (advanced separation technology).  

Hydrok has extensive experience and track record of working with all the major Water Utility companies throughout the UK and Eire. The head office and main manufacturing base is located in Cornwall, with additional satellite 'service and installation' depots throughout the country in the areas where we operate. Quality standards in all areas of manufacturing and people are a paramount factor in the delivery of the Hydrok service and Hydrok take pride in their approach to delivering environmentally considerate, cost effective and practical solutions with a progressive workforce, from within the factory and throughout the design Office.

Hydrok provide Water Engineering Solutions to all manner of complex and simple problems. The experienced in-house design teams are available to help identify and discuss the requirement and, should any of our standard products not be the perfect solution, our in-house manufacturing facility enables us to produce bespoke designs to suit a particular need. The company have an established ethos of continuous personal development (CPD) both externally, through Client workshops, and internally through graduate and apprenticeship programmes. This as an important element of the business and Hydrok have successes in developing key managerial staff through the Company.




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