ELIQUO WATER GROUP has an interest in Pyreg GmbH

The ELIQUO WATER GROUP GmbH, a subsidiary of the holding company SKion Water GmbH, has assumed a minority interest in Pyreg GmbH, which allows ELIQUO WATER GROUP access to cutting-edge technologies for the disposal of sewage sludge in medium-sized sewage plants

Pyreg already has a series of reference systems  for the mineralisation of biomasses, in particular in Switzerland and Austria. The first innovative operator concepts in Germany were authorised for operation last year. Last week, the Linz-Unkel joint body for waste water disposal opted for PYREG technology in its sewage plant, thereby assuming a well respected pioneer role in Germany. Plans and negotiations for other projects are currently at an advanced stage, so that Pyreg is expecting to receive further orders over the next few months.

Dr. Reinhard Hübner, investment manager at SKion Water GmbH and CEO of ELIQUO WATER GROUP: "With its interest in Pyreg GmbH SKion is further expanding its communal water market activities that are bundled in the ELIQUO WATER GROUP. After taking over the most important operations of the company Stulz Planaqua in June, the next logical step is to buy into technology companies that have innovative solutions for the communal market. We believe that Pyreg's recycling procedure for sewage sludge also offers the option of recovering valuable phosphates at no additional cost; this is a unique selling point in the market. We are very pleased that we are able to show the performance capability of the technology in the current joint project at the sewage plant in Linz Unkel in Germany."

Qualified engineer Helmut Gerber, CEO of Pyreg GmbH: "As far as sustainable handling of sewage sludge is concerned, there is no alternative to the PYREG procedure at this time. With ELIQUO WATER GROUP at our side, we have a very strong partner and are therefore confident that we can become even more successful."


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