ELIQUO WATER GROUP enables a new start for parts of the SH+E‐GROUP

After the antitrust clearance by the Federal Cartel Office, ELIQUO WATER GROUP GmbH has taken over important parts of the SH+E GROUP today. The ELIQUO WATER GROUP is a subsidiary of  SKion Water GmbH that bundles the  industrial interests of the entrepreneur Susanne Klatten. In addition to the German core business of the STULZ-PLANAQUA GmbH, operations of the H+E PROTEC GmbH, STULZ s.à.r.L. Luxembourg and SH+E Nederland B.V. have also been taken over. Effective immediately, STULZ-PLANAQUA GmbH and H+E PROTEC GmbH will operate within the holding ELIQUO WATER GROUP as ELIQUO STULZ GmbH and ELIQUO PROTEC GmbH.

Thanks to the takeover of the activities of the company STULZ-PLANAQUA GmbH in Germany, Switzerland and Luxemburg, ELIQUO STULZ GmbH has become one of the leading plant engineers in the communal water and waste water market in these countries. The company can fall back on its experience with more than 1,500 reference installations. In addition, the group also has system competence for energy-efficient and energy-neutral sewage systems, nutrient management and innovative sludge treatment, and disposal technologies. This system competence is provided by the Dutch SH+E subsidiary that was renamed as ELIQUO WATER ENERGY B.V; its main fields of activity are municipal water and waste water projects in The Netherlands, although it has completed projects in other countries. Lighthouse Projects are in Amsterdam and Amersfoort. 

The takeover also included the operations of the company H+E PROTEC GmbH in the plant engineering field for the food industry and stainless steel finishing. ELIQUO PROTEC GmbH will still service is primary clientele from the dairy sector as a high-quality plant engineer; and it will also apply its competence in stainless steel finishing for other activities within the ELIQUO WATER GROUP.

Dr. Reinhard Hübner, investment manager at SKion Water GmbH and CEO of ELIQUO WATER GROUP: "Until now, SKion has primarily concentrated on the industrial sector of the water market. The takeover of the SH+E GROUP operations by ELIQUO WATER GROUP will supplement our previous water market portfolio with a strong supplier for the communal sector. In the communal water market, the issues of energy efficiency, energy and nutrient recovery, new sludge treatment procedures, and improved cleaning of waste water as well as the connected decentralisation of the infrastructure will grow in importance.  We assume that, in cooperation with the ELIQUO WATER GROUP, we will be able to make an important contribution to coping with these challenges."

Martin STULZ, CEO of the ELIQUO STULZ GmbH: "With the takeover of important assets of the companies STULZ-PLANAQUA, H+E PROTEC, STULZ s.à.R.L. Luxemburg and SH+E Nederland B.V. by ELIQUO WATER GROUP, we have found a strategic and financially sound partner for the core business of the SH+E GROUP. We look forward to being able to offer our client base a full-range service again as a competent and reliable partner as a result of this new situation. But we are equally as happy that the takeover by ELIQUO meant that we have been able to secure 200 jobs. We can now set our sights on the future and concentrate on completing our client's projects competently, whilst also working on the development of innovative solutions for energy efficiency, sewage sludge treatment and nutrient management."




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