ELIQUO STULZ Awarded € 24 Million Wastewater Treatment Project

ELIQUO STULZ delivers electrical and mechanical equipment
ELIQUO STULZ awarded for delivering entire electrical and mechanical equipment for the wastewater treatment plant Schifflange, Luxembourg. Copyright of Picture: SIVEC

The Syndicat Intercommunal à Vocation ECologique (SIVEC) is modernizing and expanding the Schifflange wastewater treatment plant in Luxembourg. ELIQUO STULZ is awarded for the entire electrical and mechanical equipment with an order value of approx. € 24m. Mainly parts of the water way will be modernized and expanded like screens/grit chamber, primary sedimentation, aeration tanks, secondary sedimentation as well as parts of the sludge treatment such as sludge thickening and dewatering, gas utilization with two new CHP units and exhaust air treatment. In addition, three newly constructed intake pumping stations – Schifflange, Esch and Monnerich - will be equipped. Completion of this project is scheduled for Q2 2024.


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