About us

Passionate about water


In 2014, we came together under the ELIQUO name, part of a German family-owned group of water companies that are quietly doing their part to make a difference. Our roots span back several decades during which we have planned, engineered, constructed, commissioned and serviced a wide range of municipal water treatment plants. We strive to be, and to do, the best we possibly can, day after day.

We have strong ethical standards, have a long-term view and are proudly independent. And, before you jump to Wikipedia, Eliquo: derived from Latin, the broader meaning of our name is cleaning, purification or filtration.

ELIQUO bundles the activities of our owner, SKion Water GmbH, in the field of municipal water and wastewater treatment in Europe. EPC contracting is at the core of our activities and we are proud to offer more than 30 years of experience in the construction of plants in the municipal water market to our clients. Our workforce of over 500 highly skilled employees helps us to deliver world-class quality, in-time and in-budget. To do so, we nurture all the necessary expertise in-house, ranging from electricians, welders, draughtsmen to project managers, installation supervisors and support staff.

When it comes to technological advancement, our motto is “Innovation Realised”. We recognise that solving many of the challenges we come across can be done by applying tried-and-tested methods, with incremental refinements and new ways of thinking. In addition, we developed a number of proprietary technologies. As such, we challenge ourselves daily to have the guts for new ideas and invest time and resources to pursue technically sound innovation. But, we keep it pragmatic. Realising the potential of sound engineering and construction.

Yes, admittedly we are a bit obsessed about water. So are you. Let us talk soon.